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Spectacle lenses can be broken down into three main types: 

Single vision lenses: these lenses have only one focal length i.e. incorporate just one part of your prescription (distance, intermediate or near). 

Bifocal lenses: are an option for presbyopes requiring a single solution for both close work and distance. A small line is visible separating the near and distance lens components. 

Progressive lenses: also known as varifocal lenses, these are the first choice for presbyopes in their on-the-move lifestyles. The lens gradually changes in power from distance to near, allowing the wearer continuous vision at all distances.

Other lens types are available:

Occupational lenses: these may be occupational bifocals, enhanced readers or the more progressive style Office lenses. We offer a wide range of lens types suitable for the majority of occupational visual needs.

Photochromic lenses: these lenses adapt to UV light, becoming darker when exposed to UV light and clear when not. They are a fantastic alternative to sunspecs for UV protection.

Driving lenses: these help reduce perceived glare when driving and are available in single vision or progressive options

Polarising lenses: these have a built in filter to reduce glare from flat surfaces (particularly water) to provide more comfortable vision in a variety of conditions


We always aim to stock a wide variety of different frame styles and sizes in branch to make it as smooth as possible for you to find your next perfect pair of spectacles!


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