OCT services at Charles Morris Optometrists

We are now offering the latest in eye scanning. The Optical Coherence Tomograph (OCT) photographs and scans the whole eyeball in 3D to give a comprehensive knowledge of how healthy the structures of the eye are.

An OCT scan is a painless non-invasive scan that sends a beam of light through the layers of the retina at the back of your eye. The light beam that is reflected back creates the 3D scan and photograph. The OCT can detect the slightest of changes that may otherwise be undetectable. These changes could be the start of a condition requiring medical attention. This early detection and intervention is vital. We make a small additional charge for this important and worthwhile service of £35.00. Alternatively you can still have a retinal photograph for £10.00. All scans that are taken by the OCT are stored on our database to enable us to compare to any subsequent scans